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Welcome to Phoenix Counselling, where we can help you to overcome this difficult point in your life. Our counsellor is well-practised, highly experienced and ensures thorough attention to detail throughout our many practices. We understand that things can seem overwhelming at times, but we can help you identify problems and work with you to find solutions. We offer an analytical approach with a practical hands-on strategy, which enables us to identify the roots of issues and provide effective solutions. Communication is very important to us; it is our aim to build and maintain close working relationships at all levels.
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CBT Therapy

We offer CBT therapy services that can help to change negative patterns in how you think, feel and behave.

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Personal Development

This service encourages advanced thinking, emotional intelligence (EQ) and social science to develop your potential regardless of past endeavours.

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This therapy can be undertaken as a couple or as an individual; we will adapt to what works best for your current situation.

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Spiritual Guidance

Spirituality is knowing who you really are and connecting with something larger than yourself. A true understanding of your purpose within this world.

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Benefits Of Using Phoenix Counselling Services

  • Highly analytical with the ability to identify, develop and implement solutions
  • Highly emotionally intelligent and an excellent multi-tasker
  • Strong organisational skills with the ability to prioritise work and communicate effectively under pressure
  • A passion for quality with strong attention to detail
  • Values privacy and confidentiality
  • Flexible approach including a willingness and ability to work on a wide range of topics
  • Experience in maintaining and gathering documentation
  • The ability to plan ahead and anticipate potential problems

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    Phoenix Counselling

    At Phoenix Counselling, we are here to help you embark on a new journey, a new beginning. It’s time for a change, and this could be your start. Our integrated holistic approach to counselling helps you to uncover, develop, and align yourself with your true self. For more information about our services, fill out a contact form online or call us today. Step into your full potential and rise from the ashes with Phoenix Counselling!
    About us

    Talking can change everything

    Phoenix Counselling is run by our founder Tomasz R. Czaplewski. What makes Phoenix Counselling completely unique from other counselling practices out there? We allow for a deeper exploration and understanding.
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