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Reasons To Begin Couples Counselling

Reasons To Begin Couples Counselling

When it comes to individuals or couples counselling, it doesn’t matter if you’re on your own, married, living together, single, gay, bisexual, straight or transgender – we’re here to help. 

We have experience in counselling people from many different backgrounds, so you can rest assured that we will meet your needs in a caring and respectful manner. Lots of people have an idea of what relationship counselling is and think that you only need counselling when things get really bad, but this is not always the case. 

Here at Phoenix Counselling, we are here whenever you need us, no matter what situation you face in your relationship. Even if your problems seem trivial, we will listen and work with you to find a solution. If you have any questions about this service then feel free to get in touch today.

Better Communication – Fewer Arguments

While couples will never see eye-to-eye on everything, if arguments are happening more frequently and causing significant distress in the relationship, it may be time to work with a counsellor.  Couples counselling can help address underlying issues in the relationship.  Your therapist can help you practice new ways of connecting–even when you disagree, leading to fewer fights and higher relationship satisfaction.

Deepen Emotional Connections

When couples are falling in love, they often spend significant time getting to know each other, leading to a strong emotional connection.  As life goes on and work, kids and other responsibilities get in the way, couples may have less time to connect with each other.  If this is happening for you, you may feel lonely and unsupported within your relationship.  Couples counselling can help you reconnect and prioritize each other, leading to better emotional intimacy and secure attachment.

Improvement To Physical Intimacy

If you are dissatisfied with your sex life, you might be feeling frustrated, alone, rejected or unhappy.  To complicate matters, many couples feel uncomfortable and nervous broaching the topic (does it ever get easier talking about the birds and the bees?).  A couples therapist can help you and your partner discuss your sexual concerns, desires, expectations and unmet needs in a supportive way that can help you get the sex lives you want.

Bringing Up Touchy Subjects

Physical intimacy isn’t the only topic that can be hard to bring up with a partner.  If there is something important to you, but you are having a hard time discussing it in your relationship, a couples therapist can help you address and work through the issue in a supportive environment.

Rebuilding Trust

There are many ways for trust to be lost in a relationship: small lies add up, broken promises hurt, and infidelity can tear a relationship apart.  It’s possible to rebuild trust when both partners are committed to the process of improving their relationship.  A couples counsellor can help you rebuild a secure and satisfying relationship.

Ensuring A More Successful Marriage

More and more couples are seeing premarital counselling as an important and valuable investment in their future.  With as many as 50% of marriages ending in divorce, taking time at the beginning of your marriage to set intentions for your life together and start building traditions can be incredibly rewarding.  Find a couples therapist who you connect with and this process can be both valuable–and fun!

Minimising Stress Associated With Parenthood

Becoming parents can be both incredibly rewarding and incredibly stressful.  So stressful, in fact, that research shows that the average relationship takes a big dip in relationship satisfaction from the time the first child is born until the youngest child leaves the home.

If you are noticing a strain on your relationship during new parenthood–this is totally normal, but there are ways to improve happiness in the relationship.  If you want to reduce the stress and learn better ways to cope and support each other, a couples counsellor can help.

For further detailing on how Phoenix Counselling can help you and your partner, get in touch today!

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