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The control of your personal and professional life hinges on your ability to acquire knowledge and understanding. This service encourages advanced thinking, emotional intelligence (EQ) and social science to develop your potential regardless of past endeavours. We offer guidance and advice to help you work towards your personal development. If you have any questions about our personal development service then feel free to get in touch today.

    When you desire the right mindset to:

    • Communicate clearly and effectively
    • Adapt to new social situations
    • Be confident and aware of yourself and others
    • Be more empathetic and a better listener
    • Know yourself and your own needs
    • Cultivate your success, and enjoy it


    Personal Development empowers you by helping to:

    • Develop your emotional intelligence and communication skills
    • Recognize your behaviours and align them with your standards
    • Enhance your creative and strategic processes
    • Use critical thinking to identify hurdles, and overcome them with ease
    • Clarify your personal values to improve decision making
    • Utilize your past and present experiences to improve your business
    • Control your career and enrich your personal life


    What is Life Coaching?

    Life Coach
    A person employed to help people attain their goals in life.
    At Phoenix Counselling, we are here to help you embark on a new journey, a new beginning. It’s time for a change, and this could be your start. Our integrated holistic approach to counselling helps you to uncover, develop, and align yourself with your true self. For more information on our services, fill out a contact form online or call us today. Step into your full potential and Rise From Ashes!


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